About Us
GMB Catering is the logical platform for the brother-sister team of Glenn Merrill and Geri Merill Beutin. We come from a rich southern tradition of excellent cooks and restaurant owners and have spent years cultivating our own delicious culinary styles.

Glenn is the owner of the former Mama's Chicken and Fish restaurants, the popular in the Northern suburbs for mouthwatering soul food dishes just like the ones Mama Merrill served friends and family.

Geri has always cooked for the family, but branched out to do event catering - first for the independent film-making industry, and soon taking on parties and corporate events, both large and small. Geri takes pride in mastering recipes from many diverse cultures, including German, Latino, Cajun, and Italian.

GMB Catering is your full service catering shop. Whether it is a pie, cake, or tray of assorted baked goods, one or two party dishes, your entire holiday meal, or a large corporate event, we will be there working for you.

GMB specializes in a personal touch to bring that "this is home-made" feeling to your event. We can prepare meals at your home or at the venue of your choice. GMB Catering can provide a wide range of services to meet your needs, everything from party planning, invitations and decorations, to photographers and even a DJ. For larger events, we offer a number of package deals for you to choose from.